Jack Stocken has established himself as one of England’s foremost bridge teachers and players, having taught bridge for over 20 years to thousands of students all over the country.

Following the great success of his bridge podcast in England he is delighted to bring you a podcast with American style bidding (2 over 1).

He will bring bridge into your very own home with his animated set hands and video commentary on instructive bridge hands via his daily Podcast.

Jack will bring all of his expertise to these hands and for a small monthly fee (50c a day) he will deliver an Advanced hand to you 6 days a week, apart from Sunday. You will be able to pause or replay the hand at any point and hands will be available for seven days. You can cancel at any time, just email Jack.

We hope you enjoy the hand commentaries.

If you have any questions or feedback please email: jack@yorkshirebridge.com


7 Day FREE Trial

Click here to email Jack and he will set up a free 7 day trial of Jack’s Daily USA Podcast channel with no obligation to join at end of the trial and no need to give credit/debit card details (free trial for new subscribers only).


Once you have become a member, you can use this link to the Jack’s Daily USA Podcast channel, and find some FAQs on the dropdown tabs. 

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