Test column

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Just a copy of the other column to indicate

Dealer East

♠ AKJ63

♥ 864

♦ Q5

♣ KJ8

♠ 92

♥ Q103

♦ 1073

♣ 97432


♠ Q8

♥ 972

♦ AKJ642

♣ Q10


♠ 10754

♥ AKJ5

♦ 98


Dealer East      North South Vulnerable


West      North    East       South

…..….……          1         Double

Pass       4♠        Pass     Pass



East opens 1 and South doubles for Take Out, asking North to bid. North bids straight to game as A) she knows partner has 12+ points for their double and B) knows that partner has at least three spades and probably four.

East will lead A♦, Jack’s Favourite lead, follow up with K and switch to a safe 7, M.U.D. Declarer wins A and must draw trumps first by playing AK♠, “playing for the drop”, hoping trumps are 2 – 2, which they are.

Declarer now takes the heart finesse (6 to J), losing to Q. However with hearts 3 – 3, the losing club can be thrown away on dummy’s winning 13th heart (5). 4♠ made.

Note that had hearts not divided kindly, declarer would have fallen back on the club finesse (5♣ to J♣) which would have lost to the Q♣ on this occasion.