Harrogate Bridge Courses, October 2018

Jack Stocken starts his Bridge courses in Harrogate on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd October 2018. All courses last eight weeks, cost £125 and no partner needed. Missed lessons can be made up when the course is repeated. There will be a half term break, so no Bridge on the 23rd and 24th October, denoted by an asterisk below.


“Jack is a Bridge teacher par excellence, as many will testify”

Andrew Robson, Times columnist and Number One British player.


The venue is upstairs at the Palm Court Café, 29 Montpellier Parade, Harrogate HG1 2TG, above Farrah’s Olde Sweet Shop, just down from Betty’s and opposite the Crown Hotel. There is plenty of metered parking nearby, and free parking within five minutes walk.


In course order:


BEGINNER COURSE Lessons Wednesday

11.15am – 12.45pm

This really does mean beginner; it’s either for people who have never touched a playing card in their lives or for those who learnt in the distant past. Starting from scratch and learning at a gentle pace throughout the eight weeks, the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, although you will be given clear notes at the end of each class.   1.    Introduction 3rd October
  2.    Balanced Hands 10th October
  3.    Scoring 17th October*
  4.    The Play – Winning Tricks 31st October
  5.    FITS and Bidding Game 7th November
  6.    Responding to 1NT 14th November
  7.    Responding to Suit Bids 21st November
  8.    Overcalling 28th November






1.00pm – 2.45pm

Suitable for those who have played Bridge for a long time, or just a year or two, this course will bring you up to date with the modern game, as it covers all essential aspects of Bridge. This course would also suit those who have not done a course for a while or are rusty. Set hands are used throughout and on all subsequent courses.   1. Suit Bidding as Opener 2nd October
  2. Suit Bidding as Responder 9th October
  3. Playing Suit Contracts 16th October*
  4. Responding to 1NT 30th October
  5. Strong Balanced Hands 6th November
  6. Opening Lead 13th November
  7. Playing No Trumps & Finesses 20th November
  8. T.O.P. Defence 27th November





IMPROVER COURSE Lessons Wednesday

1.00pm – 2.45pm

This course follows on from the Intermediate Play course and includes vital bidding tools such as “Double” and “Blackwood” and an introduction to the giddy heights of Slam bidding. After this course you will be ready for the Intermediate Plus course and beyond…..   1.    The Take Out Double 3rd October
  2.    The Penalty Double 10th October
  3.    Blackwood & Slam Bidding 17th October*
  4.    Opening at the 2 Level 31st October
  5.    Overcalling and S.Q.O.T 7th November
  6.    Responder’s 3 card Major raise 14th November
  7.    Invitational Bids 21st November
  8.    Forcing Bids 28th November




Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, 3pm to 5pm, starting 2nd October, ending 28th November 2018

Imagine playing relaxed, randomly dealt Bridge hands with like-minded people in your living room, able to ask advice from a friendly, expert supervisor; this is the experience we aim to provide.


These sessions are ideal for Intermediates and Improvers to practice their game. No booking or partner necessary, so come to as many as you like. £10 per session. Scoring can be either Rubber or Chicago.


Please note that on both the above sessions there will be no Bridge on 23rd and 24th October as there will be a break for half term.




I will host three classes in Helmsley starting on Monday 1st October including a Beginner course and a supervised play session. Please look at my website or contact me for further details.


Any queries please email  jack@yorkshirebridge.com or call Jack Stocken on 07775 892720